Nomadic School of Storytelling and Oral Literature


"Words have the power to illuminate the darkness"
          Samuel BECKETT

Today, paradoxically, while courses, workshops and other training courses in the art of storytelling abound, there is no teaching of the oral subject, no specific course in the history of storytelling, from its very distant origins to the present day.


It is to remedy this absence, this lack, this incomprehensible gap in the transmission of theoretical and practical knowledge, essential to the uses and users of Storytelling, that Kom Panis, Nomadic School of Storytelling and Oral Literature was born. 
Kom Panis offers an original training course in Storytelling and Oral Literature, based on a new reference system and supported by a new, participative pedagogy, actively involving the trainees.
A new reference system :  
            - essential and indispensable content for the practice of Storytelling  
            - a diversity of philosophical, scientific and artistic teachings,
An innovative teaching method : 
            - whose concept borrows from the companionship
            - whose programme includes a tour of France alternating with visits to the Mother House
            - impregnated with humanism, fraternity, openness and attention to others

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