Development and Resource Centre for Storytelling and the Oral Arts.

It was in the early 1970s that a certain interest in the oral practice of storytelling was reborn in France.
The discipline then emerged in the landscape of live performance and took its first steps as a Live Art of the Stage.
Today, storytelling is gradually finding its feet and its performance spaces.
Today, artists create and give a contemporary vision of the storyteller in our societies. Through their creations and their relationship with social, human and educational practices, they are an essential part of the cultural landscape of our country.
Today, many structures are involved in the territories, animating and investing in them on a daily basis.

Nittachowa is one of these structures.
Nittachowa invites you on a journey, on the paths of tradition and modernity, at the crossroads of the imaginary and the real.

Attached to oral literature, to its transmission, to the accompaniment of artists, to training, to production and to distribution, Nittachowa invents, experiments, develops and proposes specific and original tools, at the service of storytelling and of all those who live it and make it live.
Nittachowa is constantly aware of the evolution of this artistic practice and its societal stakes. Through its actions, Nittachowa plays an essential and determining role in its development, promotion, enhancement and recognition.

- Journées Printa’Nied : Professionals of Storytelling of the Grand Est region’s Meeting
- Au bout du Conte : Interregional Booster Process for beginners, new and senior Storytellers 
- Kom’Panis : travelling school of Tales and Oral Literature, major “On the paths of Tales and Oral Literature”
- Buisso’Nied : Program of Tales and Stories for young ears and eyes only.
- Le Mouton qui lit bêle : data center and independent library dedicated to Tales and Legends.
- ARC Grand Est : Storytelling data base of the region Grand Est